The Pastor and members of First Corinthian Baptist Church are proud to announce our vision and plan to build the Manna and Quail Community Life Center. This project is now in its infancy and we are seeking support anywhere we can find it. We are convinced that once the center is completed it will greatly and positively impact the lives of both youth and adults. Ultimately we believe this center will help to build a stronger and healthier community by providing greater access to needed services in south Frankfort and throughout the city of Frankfort.  

                                                                                                Building Plan / Cost Estimate


 Plans are currently underway to construct a 6,540 square foot addition to First Corinthian Baptist Church. More specifically architectural plans presently reflect the community center will include a 4,250 square feet multipurpose room. This room for dining will seat approximately 350 persons and will be 52 feet by 85 feet. This room will also be used as a three quarter length gymnasium and include a 12 feet by 24 feet portable stage. Additionally the center will include three 18 feet by 20 feet training rooms and ability to convert training rooms to a larger conference room. A 16 feet by 24 feet kitchen will also be included and a women’s and men’s restroom. A mezzanine that will seat 50 people will be located above the kitchen and restrooms. The existing church fellowship hall will be renovated and connected to the new building. This area will be used as an office and conference room area. The functionality of the building was considered in its design. An architectural drawing has been completed and a miniature architectural model will soon be completed. The current cost estimate for construction of the building using brick is 660,000 dollars. Considering needed furnishing for an industrial kitchen, stage area, conversion to a gymnasium and other attached training rooms it is estimated that it will cost 140,000 to furnish the building. Total cost estimate is 800,000 dollars. Final discussions on exterior options are still being considered and could greatly reduce construction cost. 

It is the intention of First Corinthian Baptist Church to share this project with as many people as possible as we begin our capital fundraising campaign. If you are interested in becoming a part of this wonderful effort  in any way please contact us at First Corinthian.   


                                                                                     To God Be the Glory!