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God called Pastor Leslie Wayne Whitlock to First Corinthian on March 11, 2014 and he humbly accepted. In addition to preaching God's word from the pulpit, he gives time and attention to bringing lost souls to Christ from the streets, incarceration, poor, sick and shut in, elderly, youth and those who have strayed away from the church. Pastor Whitlock often serves as a mediator to support those who are in need. Pastor Whitlock remains humbled and thankful for the work that God is doing at First Corinthian as well as the Frankfort community.  He never forgets his humble beginnings and often reminds himself, his family and others that showing humility keeps them closer to Christ and the benefits of the Trinity. Pastor Whitlock sums hi life up with these words from 1st Samuel 2:8, "He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap. God gives prosperity to those who are humble and blesses those who are righteous within in His words."


Our Church Officers

Associate Ministers:              Ronald Moore Jr.

                                          Gregory Combs


Deacons:                             Larry Bush

Johnny Sheppard                  Fred Mozenter

Roger Gay                           Johnny Keene

Roy Smith (W)                     Matthew Tillman


Trustees:                            Sharon Buchanan

Larry Bush                          Carolyn Jackson

Pam Jones                          Barbara Lester

Andrew Mason Jr.                Barbara Sanders


Sunday School Sup.:            Ronald Moore Jr.

Church Clerk:                      Laure Steele


Financial Secretary:             Lisa Reed   


Corr. Secretary :                 Elisha Bowdry


Treasurer:                          Vicky Jones




 First Corinthian is more than a building, we are a family. We invite

 you to bring your family and friends to worship with us.  

  At First Corinthian, everyone is welcome! Our pews are filled with 

  local, friendly faces ready to make you feel right at home. 

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