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New Day Ministries

                                                                  Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention Program


New Day Ministries is a First Corinthian Baptist Church Ministry.  Also referred to as "New Beginnings", this ministry is an intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment/recovery program.  Participants are taught from he curriculum of the 12 Step Program.  The Bible along wih other tools is provided to participants to help them live a lifestyle of sobriety.

New Beginnings is a program designed to focus upon:

    Breaking free from addictive behaviors

    Sharing Biblical principles on how to eliminate addictive behaviors

    The addictive cycle

    A proper view of God

    The transition process

    Making amends after forgiveness

    What do you see: Positive Self image

    Relinquishing relapse

New Beginnings offer:

    Shelter through community resources

    Food/ Clothing

    Medical Assistance through community resources

    Prevention/Intervention Counseling

    Case Management

    Career Development/Work Connection

    Personal Development


New Day Ministries is also a proud participant in the YES Card program! If you need additional information please contact Pastor Whitlock at

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